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Experience, Quality, Craftsmanship, Customer Satisfaction since 1975

AE has been building quality courses since 1975. Our tenure in the challenge course field enables us to help you plan and design your course. This will ensure that your challenge course construction will meet your specific needs and purpose of your program. The planning and designing phase of your challenge course program may either be discussed via phone or email with the aid of pictures or videos. A site evaluation may be needed and/or required because of certain geographical challenges. A site evaluation will consist of the following:

Evaluation Key Points

  • Program Goals
  • Educational Objectives
  • Population Type & Size
  • Course Layout
  • Phase Planning
  • Budget Concerns
  • Environmental Impact
  • Challenging Terrain
  • Trees Species
  • Access and Clearing
  • Property Lines
  • Permits
  • Permissions

Each course is custom designed to fit your facility's program needs and the specific clientele you will be serving. The course can be built with any combination of approximately forty available elements divided into three groups; initiatives and low elements, high elements and climbing structures. Elements can be constructed in natural settings using native trees or implanted utility poles. Certain elements can be designed to be portable and others are suitable for indoor use.