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Zip Line Canopy Tours, Zip Line Tours, Zip Line
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Zip Line Canopy Tours

acctZip Line Canopy Tours, Zip Line Tours, Zip Line

Zip Line Canopy Tours

Adventure Experiences, Inc. installs state-of-the-art Zip Line Canopy Tours. These tours are custom designed to fit your environment as wellZip Line Canopy Tours as meet the needs of your business and clients. AEI can construct Zip Line Canopy Tours in trees, on wood poles, and/or on steel poles painted the color of your choice. Our square and octagon platforms are custom designed to accommodate the number of clients you wish to serve.

Adventure Experiences, Inc. also offers Level 1 Site Specific Certification for your Zip Line Canopy Tour. This in depth training is designed for your specific site and includes the skills necessary to facilitate a Zip Line Canopy Tour course. This training includes operational skills as well as technical rescue techniques and testing verification within the ACCT Certification Standards.

Adventure Experiences, Inc. provides professional inspectors of Zip Line Canopy Tours worldwide. Our inspectors will evaluate the design of the tour while performing a tactile and visual inspection of all components. In addition, our inspectors will measure cable tension to ensure that the system is operating within the working load limit. Cable diameter will be measured to see if wear from high volume use meets cable specifications with regard to retirement.

Adventure Experiences, Inc. has been offering quality construction, training, and inspection services since 1975. We were a founding member of ACCT and currently are a Professional Vendor Member of this international trade association.

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Zip Line Canopy Tours
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