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Challenge Course Construction Materials, Pricing, Maintenance and Warranty


Adventure Construction, LLC uses only the finest materials meeting specifications considered standard by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Adventure Construction, LLC. is an international leader in the building of challenge courses. All of our courses meet and/or exceed the accepted construction guidelines of the industry. All materials used in the construction of challenge courses have been professionally tested for maximum safety.


All pricing is based entirely upon design and number of elements to be included in your challenge course program. The availability of certain building materials and the presence of suitable trees on-site will have some bearing on cost.

We create all proposals based on information concerning the location and discussion of element type and number. Included in the final price is all labor and materials, course building equipment, all supplementary equipment necessary to operate course (carabiners, ropes, harnesses, helmets, etc.), and an instructor certification for your staff unless specified otherwise.

Maintenance and Warranty

Adventure Construction, LLC guarantees all materials and workmanship for one year. A yearly inspection is required by ACCT and will also renew the warranty for an additional year. AE offers this service for a fee, plus travel. Some additional ground and tree maintenance will be required each year and wood chips or mulch must be placed and maintained underneath all elements and around all live support trees. It is also highly recommended to coat all wood products on the course with a wood preservative and UV inhibitor after the first year and every one to two years thereafter.

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