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Challenge Course Training & Challenge Course Certification

Adventure Experiences (AE) began in 1975 as a Challenge Course construction and training company. The training department offered the first "certification" program. The overall purpose of certification is to provide Facilitator Level training in accordance to the current ACCT standards. Challenge Course Certification is an intense experience that teaches the most up-to-date procedures and standards. There are three levels of certification offered by AE: Level 1, Level 2 and a Challenge Course Manager Certification. Each level can be further categorized into four tracks: Low Elements Only, High Elements Only, Full (both Low and High), and Site/System Specific. To keep your certification valid we also offer an annual re-certification to bring you up to date on industry standards and changes, while re-testing your hard and soft skills.

AE believes strongly that the technical aspects of the challenge course, or "hard skills", are critical for those operating challenge courses. As you develop a particular technical skill, you will also learn to develop "soft skills" that encourage participants to learn from their experiences. These effective facilitation techniques will be addressed in all levels of training and work together to provide quality programs to your clients.

Attending an AE Challenge Course Training program will not only teach you skills to safely and effectively facilitate your program, but will also enable you to gain an understanding of risk management specific for your Challenge Course Program.

If you would like to focus on particular techniques and tools for the challenge course, we offer a variety of workshops to enhance specific skills.

Challenge Course Certification

Learn the fundamental skills you need to facilitate on the challenge course. These certification courses are taught with a maximum 1 to 12 trainer to participant ratio. There must be a minimum of 10 participants to ensure a quality training. The certification will culminate with a written and practical test covering all information taught. For your convenience, we can offer certification at your facility, with your staff members, or you may attend an open certification at host facilities where outside individuals can enroll. For more information on open certifications check our training schedule.

Challenge Course Schedule

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
Games Finish Low Elements Construction Standards Legal Liability Skills Testing
Initiatives Processing Power Pole Procedures Risk Management Written Testing
Stretching Equipment Standards Zip Line Procedures Rescue Procedure  
Spotting Techniques Knot Craft Program Standards Care and Maintenance  
Low Element Sequencing Belay Techniques      
  High Element Set Up Procedure      

Please Note: It is required that you be 18 or older to be a certified challenge course facilitator. There is risk involved with being certified on the challenge course. Please have written permission from a doctor if you have any type of heart condition, high blood pressure, or recurring injuries. The contact person for each session can assist you with additional information such as pricing and reservations. If you have any additional questions about these trainings, or other Adventure Experiences trainings, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Contact: Georganne (936)594-2945 if you have any questions or if your facility would like to host a training in your area.
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