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Challenge Course Training Host Frequently Asked Questions

What Elements do I need to be a host?

  • A variety of low elements including a Team Wall with Belay
  • Several high elements including a Zip Line and Power Pole
  • A complete rescue system (cut-away or 4 to 1)

What if my facility doesn't have enough elements?

It would limit your certification to being a site-specific certification or workshop. This is usually a training offered for your staff only or people that may be working on a similar course. Having a limited number of elements may reduce the number of hours necessary to complete your training. You would still need to have between 8 and 12 participants to attend.

Do I have to provide food and lodging?

No. While providing food and lodging is convenient in an open certification, it is not required. You should be able to refer them to nearby hotels as an alternative. If you do provide food and lodging you can include that expense in the registration fee.

Who is in charge of registration?

A contact person from your facility will be listed on our online training schedule along with registration information. The participants will call or email you directly and you will be responsible for registration information and payments.

How will Adventure Experiences Inc. bill my facility?

You will receive your invoice for our services after the certification is completed and all of the paperwork is processed. Payment terms are net 30.