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11 MM Dynamic Rope Regular

11 MM Dynamic Rope Regular 1

11 MM Dynamic Rope Regular per foot



This is 11mm Dynamic Climbing Rope Regular that is sold by the foot and cut to your very own specifications. Dynamic rope still remains the top choice for challenge course facilities, outdoor programs, rock climbing, indoor climbing facilities, portable climbing structures and climbing schools. Dynamic ropes are designed for high impact loads and they provide a measure of "cushion or stretch" which limits the force not only on the anchor points and but also on the climber or participant.11mm Maxim is manufactured by New England Ropes and it is an all-around performer, that is traditionally considered and understood to be the perfect mix of weight, impact force and durability and the most widely used rope in the Challenge Course and the Rock Climbing Industry. This is really an exceptional rope especially for the price and longevity.Diameter: 11 mm. Average Tensile Strength: *Over 5,000 lb. Static Elongation: 4.8% @ 80 kg