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Challenge Course Inspections

ACCT Standards state “An annual challenge course inspection by a qualified professional for integrity of all hardware, materials, equipment, and condition of the environment in the vicinity of the element is required. Low elements and initiatives as well as all high elements should be covered by the safety inspection...It is recommended that this challenge course inspection be documented in a written report, and that the changes recommended in the report are implemented. An ongoing system of “in-house” monitoring is also recommended in conjunction with the annual professional inspection.”

Adventure Experiences, as well as many insurance companies, requires your annual challenge course inspection be completed by a Professional Vendor Member (PVM) of ACCT. PVM membership requires the vendor to participate in a peer review process to ensure they currently meet ACCT standards. AE conducts a hands-on challenge course inspection according to the following guidelines:

  • Check tree for size, health and foliage
  • Inspect poles for classification and condition.
  • Check all bolts for proper materials, placement, condition, and tightness.
  • Check all cable clamps for correct size, orientation, and spacing.
  • Inspect cable for proper size, type, wear, broken strands, flattening, and any fraying ends.
  • Inspect cable for proper tension and drape.
  • Inspect all other cable connections. (strand vices, swages, etc.)
  • Inspect all back up belay loops for correctness and in case of tree construction, constriction of tree.
  • Inspect all guy and anchor systems.
  • Check all platforms for soundness and proper connections.
  • Inspect all equipment.
  • Review equipment usage forms.

The cost of the inspection covers these minor adjustments:

  • General tightening of bolts, guy wires, belay system, rocks, and
    cable clamps.
  • Loosen back up belay systems on tree courses.

Following your challenge course inspection, AE will submit a written report to your facility stating our findings and recommendations concerning your course. This report will include a list of all low and high elements as well as all equipment inspected with a corresponding Pass/Fail rating for each. If there are recommendations for your course they will be listed under a required or future recommendations section. Upon your request AE will submit a proposal for repairs needed to bring your course up to current standards.