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Course Initiatives

Initiatives are activities that provide a group of individuals a framework to become a stronger team. The group benefits by offering the individual a chance to develop new and enriched skills. How does this work? Participants are asked to work together to accomplish many goals. Through the process of reaching their goals, the group learns how to cooperate, problem solve, think creatively, communicate effectively, and manage conflict. As the group progresses, an attitude of care, concern, and trust for each person overpowers the need for competition and rivalry. The insights gained from the Challenge Course initiatives can be then transferred to real life situations. Many of the initiatives listed can be designed for portable and indoor use.

Challenge Course Blind Maze

Task: The group is blindfolded, led to a maze of rope, then, asked to find the exit. Objective: Listening to specific instructions, trust, and problem solving that requires out-of-the-box thinking.

Challenge Course T.P. Shuffle

Task: Arrange the group in a sequential line without stepping off the pole. Objective: Begin to laugh and relax. Feel comfortable with helping each other and accepting help from others.

Challenge Course Trolley

Task: Move the group from point A to point B with the use of two long wooden planks and ropes for hand holds. The group must make it to point B safely without any body parts touching the ground. Objective: Determine the natural group leadership. Facilitate the surfacing of inner conflict. Develop effect group process.

Challenge Course All Aboard

Task: Get the whole group on the platform without any body part touching the ground for a set number of seconds. Objective: Get to know each other. Begin to feel comfortable with physical contact. Start to understand the group make-up.

Challenge Course Whale Watch

Task: The entire group must balance a teetering platform for a set amount of time. Objectives: Builds spatial awareness, allows for group problem solving, conflict management, and develops perseverance in a stress-filled situation.

Challenge Course Mountain Top

Task: Traverse from one platform to the second and then to a third with one short and one long board as equipment. Objective: Develop problem solving abilities. Promote the importance of each team member and individual differences.

Challenge Course Acid River

Task: Move the group from block to block using three (3) boards of various lengths. Objectives: Leaders emerge and group members begin to take on specific roles within the team. Heightened awareness of the groups strengths.

Challenge Course A-Frame

Task: Move a group member from point A to point B on a wooden A-Frame using ropes that are attached to the top (apex) of the structure. Objectives: Develop effective communication skills through group problem solving.

Zig Zag Task: Traverse along a series of posts with the use of one short and one long board. Objectives: Promote the importance of effective communication among individuals within the group.

Challenge Course Nitro Crossing

Task: Pass over an imaginary canyon transporting a container full of nitroglycerin (water). Objectives: Dealing with success and failure. Realize and account for individual differences. Examine effective communication skills. Deal with sudden changes in plans.

NOTE: This is a list of the most common elements built for new Challenge Courses by Adventure Construction, LLC.  If you are searching for a specific element not listed, please call or send a description or sketch for review.